Mild earthquake strikes off Bahamas coastline, no Modi wave detected


The idyllic island vacation hot spot of Bahamas was struck by a very mild earthquake (that failed to register on the Richter scale) early this morning, causing no casualties. The Unreal Times global weather reporter, Gale Merryweather, who happened to be vacationing on the sun-kissed island, was able to confirm with confidence that the Atlantic Tsunami Alert station located on the island has not issued a Modi Wave alert.

According to Merryweather, who always carries his custom-made earthquake detection device in his backpack, the epicenter of the Bahamian earthquake, now reduced to an earth ‘tremor’, was NOT the Indian state of Gujarat, although he could not pinpoint where the epicenter was. The Indian government was quick to commend the 9-year-old Bahamian school boy for his quick analytic thinking in determining the absence of a Modi Wave and said this was the surest indicator as yet of the mood of the Indian populace and the outcome of the 2014  Indian General Elections.

“We have been emphasizing for over a year that there is no Modi Wave, and now we have scientific evidence to back up our claims,” said a jubilant spokesperson who represented the entire spectrum of parties that were not part of the NDA.

The Unreal Times editorial team heaved a sigh of relief on hearing the news, as they were able to at last publish an article where they wouldn’t be accused as being soft on Modi. However, they are anyway mentally prepping to receive a tirade of complaints on bias in their news reporting.

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