Supreme Court directs N. Srinivasan to conduct betting probe on himself


The Supreme Court of India appealed to former BCCI President, Chennai Super Kings owner, Dhoni’s mentor and the father-in-law of cricket enthusiasm, N. Srinivasan, to conduct a thorough self-probe into the betting and corruption charges brought on against him, citing lack of time, resources, and most importantly, the ironclad resolve (all of which Mr Srinivasan has in plenty) to handle the case.

The SC bench came to this surprising decision after a close huddle between the judges who were required to pass a judgment. ‘On the one hand, we have to daily evaluate the merits and demerits and pass judgments on decades-long cases that would determine and shape the nation’s future, such as farmer’s rights, industrial pollution, minority rights and access to education. On the other hand, we also need to look into issues of strategic national importance such as cricket,’ explained an obviously harassed-looking Supreme Court judge.

‘We cannot close our eyes on this case, at the same time, we cannot keep our eyes open due to the heavy workload that is thrust on us, hence we arrived at this decision to direct Mr Srinivasan to complete the self-investigation and submit the report himself,’ he further elaborated. The SC judge says he feels reassured after Mr Srinivasan agreed to handle the additional responsibility. When Mr Srinivasan was contacted for comment, he brushed away allegations of favouritism and partiality in the self-investigation, saying, “it is ok pa, I will handle it, don’t worry. I was both the BCCI President and Chennai SuperKings owner at one point of time, you forgot eh? When I could juggle something as conflicting as those two positions, this is nothing, pa!”

Lalit Modi, who was present when the SC bench read its verdict, lost the smug smile on his face and screamed ‘THIS IS A MAJOR BLOW TO ME!’ before being whisked away by Srinivasan’s newly formed Special Investigation Unit to question him on the corruption charges.

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