Civil Twitter conversation on Indian politics unearthed: Behavioral scientists stunned


A decent Twitter conversation on Indian politics has at last been unearthed, stunning behavioural scientists and social media commentators worldwide and partially restoring hope in the future of humankind (especially the ‘kind’ part of it).

Ben Keepdiggin, a virtual Twarchaeologist, unearthed the gem of a Twitter exchange, which occurred between two real human beings  with radically different political affiliations, when he was leisurely trawling through thousands of tweets with the hashtag #IndiaVotes and #Elections2014. Keepdiggin, who is still dazed by his discovery, explained that when he initially stumbled upon this unexpected and very rare social media treasure, he thought someone had gone to great lengths to play an April Fool prank.

‘I was sceptical of the authenticity of the conversation, I  mean, who really uses hashtags like #respectfullydisagree and #begtodiffer on social media?’ Keepdiggin opined. ‘However, I checked with Ms Mallika Sherawat, the CEO of Twitter’s India headquarters. She has confirmed that the two twitter accounts are indeed real  and not spam bots. Moreover, both the tweeters had their profile pictures which matched their Google+ profiles as well,’ elaborated Keepdiggin. He explained that although the tweeters involved in the conversation had opposing views on which wave formation was the strongest in the country,  they managed to keep their argument civil and decent and did not resort to frequently used hashtag adjectives like #dumbass, #F&*#Y*& and the most famous Indian Twitter hashtag suffix “tard”‘.

The behavioural science research community has stated that it is stunned by the discovery, and that it would undertake extensive studies to probe the reasons behind the civility and decency voluntarily exhibited by the two tweeters. ‘This is potentially a huge breakthrough that would redefine the way humans exchange opposite views on social media. It has opened up a potentially new vista of social media conversation, one which is non-abusive and non-threatening.  It’s another Darwinian moment in the history of human evolution,’ exclaimed an excited social media scientist, who was busy tweeting the news of the discovery with the hashtags #YouWontBelieveThisShitJustHappened, #FML and #WTF.

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