In Pictures: Rahul Gandhi answers Narendra Modi’s challenge in Amethi


With Narendra Modi entering the family bastion of Amethi and taking the first family head on, the stakes have never been higher. By referring to his working class roots, he sought to contrast it with the ivory tower life of the Gandhi family which has often been accused of having no exposure to the real world. Not to take this lying down, Rahul Gandhi embarks on a mission to silence his critics once and for all. In pictures:

Congress people ask, if Modi loses, where will he go? Don’t you worry,
my kettle is ready, I’ll go back to selling tea! 









Shoutout: Beat him! Beat him!




Rahul: Who brought computers to India?










BJP people ask, if Rahul loses where will he go? Don’t you worry, my laptop
and photoshop is ready. I’ll start writing for The Unreal Times


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