Doordarshan to release its exit poll findings on May 19th


National broadcaster Doordarshan said it would release its exit poll findings latest by May 19th. Justifying the delay, Prasar Bharati CEO Jawhar Sircar said that they accorded more importance to accuracy and credibility over TRPs and so would take their own sweet time in collating, analyzing and broadcasting their findings to the public. “Hate to sound like Rajdeep but DD more than any channel places sense over sensationalism and credibility over chaos. We are after all a quintessential loss making sarkari body, yaar. We don’t need to behave like gorillas on steroids just to attract eyeballs,” he chuckled.

Sircar pooh-poohed notions that coming out so late with their predictions would be embarrassing. “Firstly, no one’s going to watch it and that’s fine. We at DD are used to that. Secondly, nothing can be more embarrassing than the Time Now mega hyped mega giga exit poll. I’m still ROFLing over their poll giving zero seats to RJD in Bihar. Did they actually spend money to come up with shit like that?” the Prasar Bharti CEO wondered.

Sircar was however confident that their post poll predictions would come closest to the actual results. “We’ll take actual results of May 16th and then massage our findings. That’s assuming outgoing I&B Minister Manish Tewari doesn’t insist on monkeying around with the raw data,” Sircar disclosed.

In related news, Congress has conceded defeat and congratulated the NDA after NDTV predicted 279 plus seats for the saffron alliance. “Normally, we float the ‘exit polls are inaccurate and let’s wait for the actual results to come in. Having said that, let’s play your game’ line. But when even NDTV is predicting an NDA sweep, one realizes that one’s time is up,” Congress spokesperson Randeep Surjewala said in a somber tone.

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