Anil Ambani joins AAP, says wants to do his bit to expose Mukesh Ambani


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The AAP movement got a major boost after Reliance Group chairman, Anil Ambani, joined the fledgling anti-corruption party, citing ideological compatibility, especially when it comes to taking on trillionaire tycoons.

Arvind initiated Anil into the AAP fold in the traditional manner by placing the AAP topi, emblazoned with the caption “Main hoon aam billionaire,” over his head in the presence of Manish Sisodiya, Prashant Bhushan and the Ashutosh. Arvind went on to praise Anil, saying he’s just another run of the mill billionaire without any aukaat, who, just like the proverbial aam aadmi, has been fleeced by Mukesh Ambani.

There had been some initial resistance to admitting the younger Ambani since AAP had been occasionally targeting him also, most recently by mentioning his name in the list of alleged black money holders in a letter to the SIT. Some other AAP leaders also aired misgivings about Modi inviting Anil to join the Swachch Abhiyaan initiative.

However, Anil managed to win over the skeptics by pointing out that he had been opposing Mukesh Ambani even before AAP made it cool to do so. “Unlike you guys, I have been opposing Mukesh since my childhood,” Anil said in his impassioned defense, recalling anecdotes from childhood to present of how Mukesh greedily grabbed the lion’s share of  the goodies, from dhoklas prepared by Kokila ben to Reliance assets.

He also managed to win sympathy by pointing out that PM Modi has never tweeted what Tina thinks, nor posed obsequiously with her and him. “Mukesh always walks away with the top honours. Nita owns Mumbai Indians, Tina can just about afford a franchise in the Indian Kabbadi League. My own villa is not even half as imposingly ugly as Antilla. I rest my case,” Anil told the AAP induction committee and swayed the decision in his favour. Anil will now head the “exposing agents of Mukesh Ambani” cell in AAP.

Arvind Kejriwal said he will now write a letter to Kokila ben, chiding her for the inequitable distribution of Reliance assets between Mukesh and Anil. Mukesh Ambani shot back, calling Arvind Kejriwal an Anil Ambani agent.

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