After Jallikattu, cooking Pongal in earthenware now banned via petition


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After issuing an interim stay on Jallikattu based on a petition by PETA and other organisations, the Supreme Court has issued an interim stay on cooking Pongal in earthen pots, based on another set of petitions.

The petition, filed by Institute for Domestic Issues & Organised Trade Societies, has argued against the severe environmental impact of making earthen pots and cooking in them. The salient points of the petition, as reported by our correspondent are as follows:

  • Making clay pots require considerable amount of water and clay, thus eroding the top soil layer
  • In a country where cities are flooded, and villages hit by droughts, such unrequired wastage of water can be avoided.
  • The fire used under the pot is highly polluting and the hot clay pots may produce harmful gases which may deplete the ozone layer. The onus is on the government to prove otherwise.
  • Chemical analysis shows that the level of sweetness is unaffected whether earthen pots or regular vessels are used. The onus is on the government to prove otherwise.

After hearing the petition, the judge is believed to have asked, “What is the need for cooking in earthen pots? Their sales anyway have been dwindling over the years,” before issuing an interim ban on the pots. He then directed a reply to be filed by the government in four weeks, after hearing which, it would decide if cooking can be done this week in earthen pots or not.

The Supreme Court’s decision has been protested by various sections of the society. Facebook and Twitter were flooded with memes mocking the Institute for Domestic Issues and Organised Trade Societies for promoting face mudpacks on one hand and opposing earthen pots on the other.

Leader of the Opposition in Tamil Nadu, ‘Captain’ Vijayakanth, when asked to comment about the institute, had this to say: “Thoo.”

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