In Pictures: Delhi Police Chief BS Bassi’s uncertain future


BS Bassi has had an eventful innings as the Delhi Police Commissioner investigating high profile crimes ranging from Sunanda Pushkar mystery murder to Kejriwal ink attacks. Best known for playing the role of the tormented husband caught in the quarrels between a protective mother (Central Govt.) and an insecure wife (Delhi govt.), the JNU saga unfolded at a very inopportune time in his career. With barely two weeks left for his retirement, the latest case has pretty much evaporated his future plans. Or will the tale unfold differently?


Paanch saal = Five years



Kejriwal: Wow Ashu! What an awesome thing the bad coin spoke! Like a bullet from a gun!


Zalzala jag utha hai = Volcano has just woken up! | Kamaal karte ho = You amaze me



Bassi: Yes, CM ji, won’t you welcome me?



Jaitley: Modiji, I’m impressed. He’ll remember the echo of this slap!


Kejriwal: Delhi’s CM will make you understand in Delhi style | Supporter 1: Sir, leave it, it’s the PM, this time it won’t be ink, but shoes | Supporter 2: That’s ok. Sir will get shoes. Look for matching size and colour.


Modi ke thulle = Modi’s policeman



Kal se = from tomorrow


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