Dr. Subramanian Swamy singlehandedly increases India’s forest cover by going digital


After being informed of the abysmal 0.46% growth in India’s forest cover in the last decade, well known anti-corruption crusader, Rajya Sabha MP and Twitter enthusiast Dr. Subramanian Swamy decided to do something.

After doing some complex mathematical analysis, Dr. Swamy called the Prime Minister and informed him that he had found a way to increase India’s forest cover by 0.1% over a year, and quickly followed it up with a cryptic tweet to inform his PTs.

What was this revolutionary method? Well, Dr. Swamy has decided to digitally message the Prime Minister instead of sending him long letters. He expressed concern over the fact that he had sent two letters in just one day (10-08-2016) to two ministers, and that he usually attaches bulky annexures, hence, using a lot of paper. Under this new method, Dr. Swamy will promote the Prime Minister’s ‘Digital India’ programme by sending WhatsApp messages. This has delighted the Prime Minister, who, instead of sending acknowledgement letters, can let the ‘blue tick’ do its trick.

The government plans to compensate the potential loss that paper companies will face, and also plans to convert the saved forests into reserve forests. Predictably, this decision has been met with outrage among the opposition benches. Although Rahul Gandhi chose to be silent on this matter, sources categorically deny that he is silent because he is vacationing in some exotic, foreign beach. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley was promptly seen on NDTV’s studios giving a sound-byte that the losses to paper companies will not affect GDP growth.

Meanwhile, ndtv.com carried an op-ed where they categorically denied the claims made by Dr. Swamy over increasing forest cover. Dr. Swamy responded to NDTV with a cryptic tweet that only he understood.

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