Court allows men’s entry into kitchen, women throughout India celebrate


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After a landmark judgment allowing women’s entry into Haji Ali, a High Court today gave another historic verdict, ruling that men in the country should enter kitchen more often, discarding all the social norms.

“Men, get your act together. Get inside the kitchen and prove that you’re not lazy bums,” the court ruled in its strongly-worded judgment.

The verdict comes in the wake of a petition filed by a women’s activist group who claimed that many men refused to enter into the kitchen, citing many taboos.

The activists claim this verdict is a victory for gender equality in the country and now husbands need not hesitate to enter kitchens.

“We always knew men want to help us in the kitchen. But somehow they couldn’t because the society wouldn’t approve their entry inside. But this verdict opens the doors of kitchen for men. We now wait for men to unleash their inner cooking genius,” the women’s group told reporters.

While the women throughout the country hailed the court’s verdict, men had some doubts over its feasibility.

“See, it’s not that I don’t want to cook,” said a 35-year-old husband. “It’s just that my wife is a brilliant cook and I love her dishes. If she stops making food, I will be denied great food, which is my fundamental right!”

Another husband who has been married for over 20 years said this will turn his life upside down. “I mean, first I will have to figure out where the kitchen is in our house,” said the worried man.

It was not as if the verdict was welcomed by all the women in the country. There were some, like Shweta, who had genuine concerns over the impact of this ruling.

Shweta told our reporter, “It’s good to see the court swinging into action but I am not sure if my husband getting into the kitchen will be a good sight to watch.”

“The last time he made a roti for me, it turned out to be more like a big round chewing gum that somehow wouldn’t find its way into the stomach.”

While many men are planning to fight the case in the Supreme Court, women have already made elaborate plans to enjoy their evenings as their better halves deal with stoves, cooking pans and spices.

A very excited Sheetal told reporters that the sight of her husband cutting onions and peeling potatoes makes him appear very romantic.

“Have you ever heard the phrase – ‘the way to a woman’s heart is through her kitchen’?” asked Sheetal as her husband grappled with the pressure cooker.

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