BMTC bus conductors to strike against bandhs


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Bangalore: In a shocking development, conductors of the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation have decided to go on a strike against bandhs in the state. After two bandhs in a period of 40 days, BMTC conductors have unanimously agreed to this move.

Speaking to The UnReal Times, Manjunatha, a conductor from the Jayanagar Depot said, “We lose so much money due to bandhs. On an average, we make thousands of rupees every day because people don’t collect their change. All this money is used to feed our children, send them to world class schools and give them a better life.”

The news has received mixed response from commuters.

Rajiv Reddy, an employee of an IT company who takes a cab to work every day was excited on hearing this. “It’s good to have these buses off the roads. I can then reach the office faster. When I used to take the bus, he sometimes took half the money and didn’t give me a ticket. I felt cheated. Then I switched to taking a cab. I don’t mind paying more, at least I get a bill and I can claim it from my company,” he said.

Raghu Kumar, who usually takes the bus to meet his girlfriend was not too happy. “I already have lost thousands of rupees in unreturned change and with the conductor not issuing a ticket. These guys make a killing. Now I have to pay more to take a cab. Going on a date already drains me of money, now this too!” he said, before pulling out his phone and making a video call to his girlfriend with his new Jio connection.

Manjunatha smirked at Raghu Kumar, then pulled out his brand new Moto G Plus and called his family. Pointing to his phone, he grinned. “All in days work,” he said in broken English.

Meanwhile, The Ashutosh of the Aam Aadmi Party was shocked when he heard someone else was making a killing. “How The Connector can Keel it? Will the Modi ansuar? Only the Ashu can keel it,” he tweeted.


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