Pakistan slams Dhoni’s biopic, says India winning against Pak in 2007 WC is a fabrication of truth


M S Dhoni; the untold story, a movie based on Indian skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni, has come under heavy criticism from Pakistan. In a joint statement released on Friday evening, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Pakistan Army have categorically declared that the part of the movie where India beats Pakistan in 2007 T20 World Cup is a brazen attempt to defame the nation through misinformation.

Although the movie hasn’t been released in Pakistan, a team of Pakistani army personnel along with Mr. Sharif have reportedly watched the movie at an Indian theater in disguise, and they are clearly not amused at the portrayal of their national cricketers as a bunch of underperforming and confused individuals, wandering on the ground not knowing what to do.

Mr. Sharif has sought the help of Pakistani filmmakers to give India a befitting reply, and urged them to produce a movie where Pakistan wins every match against India.

Sources revealed that the script has already been written and the movie is all set to go into production next month.

The movie is set in 2019 in Abu Dhabi, the only place where Pakistan is allowed to host a cricket match a city that has the best cricket stadium in the world where Pakistan beats India in the World Cup final to lift the trophy. Here’s an excerpt from the script:

An invincible Pakistan team beats England, Australia, and South Africa to reach the final, and now they face their arch rival India. A young Afridi comes out of retirement only to play the final match.

India posts a total of 220 in 20 overs and now it’s the turn of Pakistani batsmen to show the skills they are known for.

Cheater cocks that they are, Indian players try all sorts of unethical practices to break the concentration of Pakistani batsmen, including pushing them while they take strike, pulling their hair, and singing Taher Shah’s ‘Angel’ in their ears, but in vain. A resolute Pakistani team thwarts their nefarious tactics in a dignified manner and continues to chase the total.

Umar Akmal scores a quick fire 70 and is ably supported by Shoaib Malik (Sania Mirza’s husband) who scores 50 runs in 15 balls, a strike rate he hitherto achieved only in book cricket. But the person who steals the show is Shahid Afridi, who bats for the large part of the 10-minute climax, a little longer than the total time he’d spent at the crease in a career spanning over 20 years.

Pakistan needs 20 runs of 6 balls. A Joginder Sharma lookalike comes to ball the last over. Afridi plays a beautiful cover drive off the first ball and the ball races to the fence. He hits the next one over mid on for a six.

“How do we stop them?”  Dhoni anxiously asks Kohli.

“We cannot.  They are invincible,” says Kohli with a shrug of resignation.

However, Afridi could only score four runs off the next three balls as Joginder Sharma deliberately bowls way outside the crease and the umpire cheats and doesn’t call them wides.

Six runs needed off the last ball and Dhoni runs to Joginder Sharma and whispers something into his ears; he doesn’t look that cool anymore. Joginder Sharma tries to bowl underarm this time but God has had enough by then.

Gusty winds blow across the crease and the balls rises above Afridi’s knee level, who hits it easily for a six and Pakistan wins the World Cup. Hence proved!

Dejected Indian players leave the field while Pakistan team lifts the trophy amid thunderous applause.

The movie will be tax free in Pakistan, the only country where it is likely to be released. However, Mr. Sharif is planning to show the movie at UN to expose India’s blatant lies.

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