Supreme Court and BCCI unveil “Thakur Trophy” for cricket supremacy


The outlook is clear. India defeated New Zealand convincingly at the Eden Gardens. This was only featured in the Sports page news. However, the diktat from Justice Lodha, freezing some of the orders made by BCCI on 30th September, made the front page. While India has become adept at winning the home tests, there are more twists and turns on the Lodha recommendations and what would be the future shape of BCCI.

The Lodha commission was set up in 2013, in the aftermath of IPL scam over CSK. Since then the following headlines have gripped the attention of fans

  • Will N. Srinivasan stay or go? He stepped down, but not without putting up a gallant fight.
  • Will CSK and RR stay or be banned? They were banned for a couple of years.
  • Who will head BCCI? Supreme Court even nominated Sunil Gavaskar as interim head.
  • Who will be affected by conflict of interest? Some like Ganguly and Kumble had to give up some roles.

This had spin-offs like

  • What will happen to DDCA case? Is Jaitley guilty or not?
  • What will happen to the case filed by Jaitley against Kejriwal?
  • Kirti Azad or Chetan Chauhan?

All this was just a prelude to the Lodha commission findings implementation. First BCCI thought they can do their usual cherry picking. Then they stalled. But the SC was insistent that it is 100% recommendation implementation or nothing. Given the interest levels, both parties agreed that they are doing a disservice to the energy and investment they are putting into the issue, when compared to more pressing needs they may have.

It has become fashionable to brand series between two countries; Border-Gavaskar for India Australia or Pataudi Cup for India-England. (Gandhi-Mandela for SA-India!) The series alternates between home and away.

Accordingly it has been decided to call the entire Supreme Court vs BCCI challenge as “Thakur Trophy” . Incidentally, the head of BCCI is Anurag Thakur and Supreme Court Chief Justice is T.S.Thakur. The series is played through BCCI AGMs and Supreme Court hearings. Each recommendation implemented will count as a win for the Supreme Court. Each recommendation stalled by BCCI will count as a draw. Each recommendation avoided by BCCI will count as a win for BCCI. Whoever wins most matches will win the Thakur Trophy.

The hearings would be telecast live on news channels. Both cricketers and lawyers will give commentary. Even a title sponsor has been identified.

This could be just the beginning. Given the number of cases that the BCCI is facing across different courts, there is a possibility of a Ranji trophy format with each federation fighting cases in the local High Court.

Ramesh Soundararajan

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