Bhajji sends a video message to Ashwin “Have you really made it large?”


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Harbhajan Singh has been making some strange observations. First he said that if he and Kumble had got wickets like the past two years, their wicket tally could have been very different. Then he put a picture of the Indore pitch and said that it already looks like a third day wicket. India went on to post a total of 550. After India won the match, he pointedly greeted the coach, captain and the team. Were there insinuations against Ashwin? To clear the air, Bhajji has released a video message, which goes like this.


You have won another series for India at home. You have once again become the man of the series. Right now, you have the most wickets after 37 tests in test history. You have 21 five wicket hauls in these tests. Your numbers are amazing. You have combined well with the captain and Jadeja to deliver these wins. Hats off to you and the team! You have really made it large in my eyes even though there is no video or advertisement proof of you making it large.

But I am also seeing a pattern in the last few days. The Pakistani media has been discrediting your achievements. They are showing videos of the pitches in India and saying that these are tailor made for a bowler like you. They are saying that Yasir Shah has taken ten wickets not just in Dubai, but also in England. The Western media have also joined them. Australians are saying that you have not taken a five wicket haul there. South Africans are saying the same thing. The English are taking it easy, as they are going to face you next. They will make the same noises once that series is over.

My request to you, Modiji Ashwin, is that you give a fitting reply to these Pakistani journalists. We should show them that the wickets you have played on have been tough. Give them such a fitting response that they never do this mischief again.”

(Please note: Any coincidence with Kejriwal’s video to Modi on surgical strikes is purely intentional)

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