Replica of Bob Dylan’s Nobel prize medal found in Pritam’s living room showcase


While the world has been busy debating on the appropriateness of the Nobel prize in Literature being awarded to singer Bob Dylan, music director Pritam Chakraborty has quietly made the country proud by getting us the same Nobel prize medal without even the Nobel committee or Bob Dylan knowing about it. When reporters asked Pritam more about the medal, he said that the medal is not an exact copy, but is inspired by the medal won by Bob Dylan.

This is not the first time Pritam da got inspired by a medal / award. According to sources, his living room showcase houses several other inspired awards including several Grammies and Oscars. Not just global awards, Pritam da also has several Korean and Arabic music awards adorning his showcase.

“See, this is not the same medal. This has my name in Hindi on it, unlike the original. Also the material is not gold, but brass. So this is different from the original. You can say it’s a tribute to the original medal, just like my songs,” said Pritam. “The beauty of this medal is that it has been with me for the last 10 days and no one could find that it’s not the original medal. Now most of my friends and fans believe that I have won it,” he added with a smile.

Several of Pritam’s fans congratulated him for this new few feat. While many Bollywood co-stars and musicians too congratulated him, some of his colleagues were not pleased by his achievement.

Ye award agar Dylan bete ko 90’s mein mila hota to Anu Malik kabka India mein isko laa chuka hota [Had Dylan got this award in the 90s, Anu Malik would have brought it to India long back]. This Pritam took the credit which should belong to me,” said music director Anu Malik, before humming a modified version of one of his composed songs, “Are- Pritam, Are- Pritam kare kya dewana, Hollywood ka gana tum mil k churana…”

Meanwhile, several Bollywood stars have now become hopeful of receiving the Nobel for Literature one day. Reportedly, many production houses are working on improving the scripts of their films. King Khan SRK, on the other hand, was spotted yesterday smiling with members of the Nobel committee, with a suspicious looking briefcase in his hand.

(The writer is the author of the book ‘The Bogus Read’)


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