Steve Waugh calls up Donald Trump after 3rd debate, says “You’ve just dropped the presidency, son”


Former Australian cricketing legend and captain Steve Waugh had sealed his entry in the history book of cricketing quotes, when he was reported to have told South African legend Herschelle Gibbs, “You’ve just dropped the world cup, son” during the 1999 Cricket World Cup semi-final, when the latter dropped a catch off the former. The senior Waugh has done it again. Moments after the third and final US presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump concluded, Waugh called up Trump and told him, “You’ve just dropped the presidency, son.”

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“Though I denied saying it way back in 1999, I said it loud and clear now and it feels good to be doing this after 17 long years, when I was reported to have last said so. He’s had a magical run so far, despite the leaked tapes and what not, but I thought that after this debate, it was safe for me to tell him that, mate!” Waugh told The UnReal Times, “I wasn’t completely sure actually, but after he called Hillary a nasty woman in the presidential debate, I knew I had to call him up and tell him that. And so I did.”

The Republican candidate, however, tore into Waugh soon after the phone call made news. “Look, I just love the Aussies. They love me, I’ve built some really great things there. But just so you know, Steve Waugh is a disaster! Under him, Australian cricket was a disaster! There were some really great players who weren’t able to do well, because of Steve. He was a nasty captain! I mean, look at his own brother Mark! I’ve great respect for Mark, he’s a great guy, I really like him! But because of Steve, Mark himself wasn’t able to completely be the awesome player that he was! And it’s not just me who’s saying this – Shane Warne, a great guy, a legendary player in all forms of life, he’s said this too, on record!” the billionaire told The UnReal Times.

“A lot of people say Australia won the 1999 world cup under Steve, but look, if it weren’t for Allan Donald’s run out of Lance Klusener, they would’ve lost. I’m a big fan of Zulu, by the way. Just so you know, I love Zulu and Africans, I think they’re really great people, very nice people! Except some like President Obama, of course. Anyway, so the one world cup that the Aussies won under Waugh, was due to a Donald! That’s what Donalds do – they make things great for others, wherever they go! When I become president, we’ll make the Baggy Green great again and Australian cricket will do so well, your head will spin!” Trump added.

Trump also accused Waugh of colluding with the Clinton camp to sabotage his campaign. “Look, it’s all rigged. When Steve was at his prime in the 90s, Bill Clinton was the US president! And right after Bill was gone, Steve’s career was dwindling – and soon he became what he actually is – a complete disaster! You see, it’s so obvious that everything’s rigged against me – the very dishonest media does not want to see this, but I love the people all over the world. The people know what’s going on and we’ve some really great people not just in America, but throughout the world!” the angry candidate thundered.

While Steve Waugh has laughed off Trump’s responses, he could be in for some trouble when he lands in India for his charity work next. Indian fringe group, the Hindu Sena has threatened to protest with black flags outside Steve’s charity office in Kolkata, whenever he lands next. “We’re kind enough to give Steve an opportunity to apologize to Trump bhai, failing which we’ll carry out large-scale protests against him,” Hindu Sena president Vishnu Gupta threatened, while feeding large spoons of Dahi Shakkar to a life-size poster of the billionaire.

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