Donald Trump to vote for Hillary Clinton after Madonna promises oral sex to Hillary voters


In a move that has not surprised Americans, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has promised to vote for Hillary Clinton in the upcoming US election, after pop star Madonna promised to perform oral sex on those who would vote for Hillary Clinton. Trump has even gone ahead and said that to increase his chances of getting one he might pull out from the presidency race.

“When you are rich and famous you can grab any girl by her pussy, but not Madonna. For that you got to vote for Hillary,” said the billionaire businessman as he smiled. “She has said that she is good and I know she is good, coz she is a frustrated cougar and you know what, they give as much pleasure as ‘troubled teens’ who we all know are great in bed,” he added.

The news of Donald agreeing to vote for Hillary has brought a sense of relief to both the democrats and republicans. While the republicans are happy that they won’t have to suffer more embarrassment because of their presidential candidate the democrats are happy that they won’t have to lobby with the main stream media anymore.

“He had to go sooner or later. America would not have voted for someone who openly boasts about his sex escapades. We are a civilized nation, we don’t look at women as mere sex objects,” said Hillary, before turning towards Madonna who was standing to her right. “Thank you to Madonna for saving keeping the dignity of American women intact.”

Meanwhile, Indian parties are stunned by the nature of freebies in the US presidential elections. “This is brilliant, boss! Until now, all we could think of was mixer grinder, colour TV, pressure cooker. But giving a blow… aiyo, I feel ashamed to even say it. This is an out-of-the-box.. or rather an out-of-pants strategy!” said a DMK leader on condition of anonymity.

(The writer is the author of the spoof book ‘The Bogus Read’)


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