Delhiite working in Bangalore hides in office toilet for 6 hrs after colleague mentions Kejriwal


Employees of a Bangalore-based company were left in a tizzy yesterday when one of their colleagues, Kirandeep Bedi, went missing suddenly during a conservation. The incident happened after lunch while the employees were casually discussing politics and one of them started abusing Kejriwal. Even as the conversation went on, unknown to his colleagues, Kirandeep Bedi grew increasingly uncomfortable. Minutes later, he suddenly sneaked out from the room and switched off his phone for almost 6 hours. After repeated attempts to reach Kirandeep, the employees reported the incident to the HR’s who swung into action immediately and started an email chain to find him.

“We all were worried. Kirandeep is a very outspoken guy who moved to Bangalore recently and works 24×7, not leaving his seat even for a minute. We searched for him everywhere, under the receptionist’s table, inside the drawer of everyone’s cubicle, behind flower pots and in fact even in the women’s toilet which was indeed our last hope,” said Kumar, his project manager. “We don’t have CCTVs in office because the ones who come inside never leave office due to work,” he added.

Kirandeep Singh was later found inside the Security Guard’s toilet, murmuring “Why Delhi why!”

“Why do people have to talk about politics every day?”, Kirandeep later wailed, when inquired about the reason. “Ho gayi saalo galti usey laake, maine akele ni diya tha vote, sabne diya tha, ab kya jaan loge! Nahi hu bc main Dilli ka [Yes, we made a mistake bringing him. It wasn't just me who voted for him, everyone did. Now, will you kill me?],” he added, visibly infuriated. Kirandeep is now planning to start a petition to change the name of Delhi so that people like him can answer “I’m not from Delhi” whenever there is any conversation related to Kejriwal.

Meanwhile, the HR departments of a number of companies have finally added a new policy after nearly 3 decades of copy pasting from other organizations. The policy states that “No one will mention Arvind Kejriwal’s name during office hours as it can lead to disputes, low employee morale and sudden disappearance of people”. HR personnel have also thanked Kirandeep Singh as they now have a major achievement to show just before the appraisal season.

(Reported by Citizen Satirist Manish Paul. He blogs here)