The UnReal Times is a news satire website that publishes fictional news reports, articles and multimedia content with the intention of providing readers with clean and sensible humour.

Please note:-

1. Our articles are works of fiction: All the articles on this website (unless explicitly and clearly mentioned) are works of fiction. While public figures and real events may be referred to in our articles to convey satire, the ‘quotes’ attributed to the ‘sources’ in our articles are fake, as is the context described around these personalities or events. The multimedia content (images, video, audio) that form part of the articles and the implied context are works of fiction as well.  Any other names (apart from public figures) used in our articles are fictional and any connection of these names with personalities in the real world is purely coincidental. Please DO NOT confuse our articles with factual events or happenings.

2. We do NOT intend to cause hurt: We DO NOT intend to bring disrepute to any person (living or dead), group of persons, entity or idea. We DO NOT intend to spread rumours. We DO NOT intend to hurt anyone’s sentiments. Our founding editors and writers are a bunch of highly-educated and fiercely patriotic Indians, and are actively involved in development activities in rural India when they aren’t writing news satire articles. Our intention has been, is and will always be to constantly add value to our beloved nation in some way or the other, without offending or causing hurt to our fellow citizens.

3. Reader discretion advised: Please note that the contents of this website are only meant for those older than 13 years. Please avoid visiting this website or reading the contents either on this website or elsewhere (attributed to The UnReal Times) if you are too easily offended in matters of politics, religion, society etc.

4. We apologize for any offense caused: Writing news satire is a tricky affair. Despite our best intentions there may be sections who get offended by our work. We request people not to take our content too seriously and sincerely apologize for any such hurt our articles might have caused.

5. Complaint redressal: If you still have any objections with The UnReal Times and/or its content and want to express your sentiments/objections/complaints, you could get in touch with us here. We will respond to and address your concern to the best of our abilities.

The UnReal Times is run by Chepuri Krishna and Karthik Laxman. Both Krishna and Karthik are graduates of IIM-Ahmedabad. When they aren’t writing articles for The UnReal Times, they work on policy issues, as well as various grassroots development interventions in rural India with NGOs, multilateral agencies and Members of Parliament.